The one thing that is NOT on wedding checklists

I have been so busy being a vendor at wedding shows these last few months that I have neglected virtually everything else.  I have noticed a few things since doing these shows. The first thing is that there are so many photographers at bridal shows. Some are professional, great and know their stuff. Others just... Continue Reading →


Not all are created equal

When buying wedding sparklers for your send off, it pays to do some research to save time, money and frustration.

Why buy 20 inch sparklers

We get asked often why we only sell 20 inch wedding sparklers. You may also see them described as 20" sparklers. I would like to expand on why we only sell this size. First, the 20 inch sparklers burn for 120 seconds, which is plenty of time to get an ample amount of sparklers lit... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Utah Sparklers

Hello and thanks for stopping by. I am Barbara Wolf and am the owner of Utah Sparklers. My husband, Jay, and I started our own fireworks company called Wild Wolf Fireworks 3 years ago. We have 4 locations in Utah county. Within the last year, we've had a good amount of friends that were getting... Continue Reading →

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