Sparkler Safety

You want to use sparklers at your wedding? Great ! However, your great grandmother is worried that the sparklers will catch your $2,000 beautiful dress on fire. Let me put your mind and grandma’s mind at ease.

First and foremost, sparklers are fireworks and do contain fire. However, with a little common sense and planning, they are totally safe.

sparklers safety 20in sparklers

  •  When purchasing your sparklers, it is imperative that you only buy wire sparklers. Do not buy wooden handle sparklers often called “bamboo” or “morning glory sparklers”. The burning wood causes ashes and embers, which could potentially catch clothing on fire.
  • Always hold lit sparklers at arm’s length distance to avoid getting body, face or clothing burned by the sparks
  • Typically sparklers do not get hot enough to burn hands, however we suggest giving them only to guests older than 5 years. Glow sticks are safe and fun for little ones who still want to participate in the wedding fun.
  •  Be aware of surroundings and any highly flammable materials that might be lurking; such as gasoline cans, aerosolized hair spray cans, nail polish or open containers of alcohol. Do not light sparklers if any flammable items are present.
  • Ensure guests are spread out far enough from each other and the bride and groom so sparks do not accidentally ignite clothing on fire or cause burns.
  • Utah Sparklers recommends having an old 5 gallon near where the sparklers will be used, filled with 6-12 inches of water. The bucket is handy in case of a fire, but it also gives guests a place to put the metal sticks when they are done burning.

wedding send off sparkler safety 36in sparklers

Utah Sparklers has 20inch and 36inch gold metal sparklers in stock year round with immediate pick up and shipping options.

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