Let guests know you are doing a sparkler send off

Once you have decided to do a sparkler send off, don’t neglect to let your guests know that you are doing one.  By having a sign near the sparklers and the D.J. or someone announce it, guests will be more likely to hang around till the end and will participate in the send off. More people that stay and light the sparklers means you will get brighter, better pictures. I mean, who really wants pictures of their send off with only a few guests and a handful of sparklers.

You will want to have a sign or something similiar by the sparklers. On that sign, you will want to let guests know that you are having a sparkler send off and at what time. The time is important because it will help people decide if they can stay till then and it will let guests know what is coming up so they will be more likely to stay. There is little worse than guests standing around wondering what is next, or if there is even going to be anything else.

signs (2)   I am all about reusing and recycling, so I try to find items that I can repurpose. (I guess that is a fancy way of saying I am cheap!). Above are just two ideas of how to announce your wedding sparkler exit.

I have also seen inexpensive and cute picture frames with a piece of paper in the wedding colors with the info typed on it.  This is a great way to  incorporate your wedding colors and you can reuse the frame at a later date. This one was on www.etsy.com and you $3.74 for the downloadable template.send off frame

Letter boards with removable letters is becoming a big trend You could borrow or buy one of these to announce your wedding send off. letter board This one here is only $24.99 on Amazon.com.

If you are doing a rustic theme, you have got to check out Oaky designs on Etsy. They have the most adorable wood signs that you can customize the color of wood and the lettering.

What to put on the sign

  • “Sparkler send off”
  • “Help light the way for the Mr. and Mrs……….”
  • “Let love sparkle”
  • Time the send off will be occuring

DON’T forget to have the D.J or someone announce “Wedding sparkler send off occuring in 3 minutes at the front door by the entrance. Grab a sparkler from the silver bucket and let’s proudly send off the newlyweds to start their ever after”. Or something similiar. You just want to make sure all the guests know where and when the exit is happening.

Thanks for stopping by and please visit us at www.utahsparklers.com to see our prices and how you can pick them up !!!

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