Why 20 inch sparklers are ideal for wedding send offs

There are various sizes on sparklers available on the market today. The size ranges from 8 inches to 36 inches. The longer the sparkler, the longer it burns. 20 inch sparklers Our 20 in sparklers burn for approximately 120 seconds. For weddings with 150 or less guests, one sparkler per guest will be sufficient. Weddings... Continue Reading →

Do NOT use grocery store sparklers for a send off

There is a good reason why Utah Sparklers exists. We came into existence because we carry wedding specific send off sparklers. You might be saying "Wait....is there a difference in sparklers? Why do I need wedding sparklers? Why can't I just use the ones I bought from the grocery store around the 4th of July.... Continue Reading →

Why buy 20 inch sparklers

We get asked often why we only sell 20 inch wedding sparklers. You may also see them described as 20" sparklers. I would like to expand on why we only sell this size. First, the 20 inch sparklers burn for 120 seconds, which is plenty of time to get an ample amount of sparklers lit... Continue Reading →

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