Why 20 inch sparklers are ideal for wedding send offs

There are various sizes on sparklers available on the market today. The size ranges from 8 inches to 36 inches. The longer the sparkler, the longer it burns.

20 inch sparklers

Our 20 in sparklers burn for approximately 120 seconds. For weddings with 150 or less guests, one sparkler per guest will be sufficient. Weddings where there is more than 150 people, we recommend 2 sparklers per guest. This way if one of their sparklers burns out, they will have another one to light . Doing this ensures the majority of sparklers will be lit when you are doing your grand exit.

man and woman kissing near people with sparkles
20 inch gold, metal sparkler

20 inch sparklers are virtually smokeless and produce large, gold sparks which look amazing in color as well as black and white photographs.  The majority of venues and places where weddings are taking place have enough space to accommodate guests to be spread out enough and for the sparklers to be held in an arch.



Visit us at www.utahsparklers.com for pricing and info for brides and wedding venues. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.  We love helping make wedding send offs fun, memorable and safe.

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