Do NOT use grocery store sparklers for a send off

There is a good reason why Utah Sparklers exists. We came into existence because we carry wedding specific send off sparklers. You might be saying “Wait….is there a difference in sparklers? Why do I need wedding sparklers? Why can’t I just use the ones I bought from the grocery store around the 4th of July. ”

Let me clarify why you shouldn’t use sparklers bought at the grocery store. Sparklers  sold in grocery stores and many fireworks stands around the 4th of July are only 8″ or 10 inches long at the very most. This size only burns for 28-33 seconds, which is definitely not long enough to get all the sparklers lit and the bride and groom sent off. Oh yeah and to snap some pictures.

10 inch color 2
10 in grocery store sparklers

More often than not, the sparklers sold in grocery stores and fireworks stands are also color sparklers or Morning glory sparklers. Neither of these are ideal for wedding send offs. Color sparklers have chemicals added to them to produce the color. These added chemicals increase the smoke that is produced. Morning glory sparklers are composed of wood. When the part of sparkler that produces the sparks burns, so does the wood. Burning wood also makes lots of smoke, which is not ideal for the bride and groom to have to walk through. Any type of smoke also makes for blurry, smoke filled pictures.

Just so you don’t think I am dismissing 10 inch sparklers, I will let you know that they do have a purpose and place. 10 inch sparklers are great for close up pictures. They are easy to control and have a shorter stick to hold making them easier to maneuver. If you decide to write in the air and have a photographer capture pictures of it, the 10 inch sparklers are perfect for that. Think back to when you were a kid and you’d write your name in the air.  Utah Sparklers carries the 10 inch sparklers and we have quick, easy, convenient pick up in Saratoga Springs, Utah.

heart made with sparklers
20″ gold sparklers 

Ordering is quick, safe and easy. Utah Sparklers

online has 20 and 36 inch sparklers available year round with immediate availability.

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