Why buy 20 inch sparklers

We get asked often why we only sell 20 inch wedding sparklers. You may also see them described as 20″ sparklers. I would like to expand on why we only sell this size.

First, the 20 inch sparklers burn for 120 seconds, which is plenty of time to get an ample amount of sparklers lit and for the bride and groom to exit the wedding venue. There are 10 inch sparklers on the market but they only burn for 20-30 seconds. That short of a time doesn’t allow much time for the happy couple to exit and the short burn time has some lit, some half lit and some all the way burned out.  All of those factors do not make for very good send off pictures. I’ve had brides inquire about  36 inch sparklers, citing that they think the longer length means longer burn time. Yes, that is true, however, the longer burn time also means more ashes and embers falling to the ground. The ashes and embers tend to be rather large and can drop on dresses and guests causing a fire hazard and burn hazard. Another reason to avoid the 36″ sparklers is the young guests in attendance. Kids are often present at weddings and are attracted to sparkly, shiny things such as sparklers. If the kids are waving the sparklers around, there is the potential for them to get too close to other kids and touch them with the sparklers and burn them.

Visit us at utahsparklers.com for pricing and info for brides and wedding venues. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.  We also love helping make wedding send offs fun, memorable and safe.

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