Ways to display sparklers at wedding

I love Pinterest !!!!  There are so many cute ideas for how to display your sparklers at your wedding and let’s face it gray, metal sticks are not very pretty. You might want to check with your venue or wedding coordinator before you purchase anything to make sure they are okay with it. I work with a few venues that prefer that you do not use any glass containers so they won’t break and cause a big, sharp mess.

One idea that I have seen and totally love is the metal bucket. You will want to make sure and purchase one that is at least 12 inches tall. This one I found at https://www.hobbylobby.com/Home-Decor-Frames/Decorative-Storage/Baskets/Galvanized-Metal-Olive-Bucket-Set—Tall/p/80808471 for $24.99 but they always have a 40% off coupon. I got mine for $15 at our local store. I think this is a great size because it is tall enough that the sparklers do not fall out or over the sides. The mouth on it is wide so it accommodates a good amount of sparklers. If you have a rustic or farmhouse theme for your wedding, this galvanized bucket is perfect. You could wrap some burlap (or even lace) around the body and or handles to dress it up.

galvanized bucket

If your venue will allow glass containers than this half gallon mason jar would also work well for 20 inch sparklers. There are so many options for decorating the jar also to make it fit into your wedding decor and theme. I found this one at Target.comlg mason jar

If you are having a more intimate or elegant wedding, you definitely need to check out a French bucket. This galvanized metal container adds an instant pop of sophistication to your wedding. It would be easy to dress this container up even more with the same color ribbon that is in your wedding. At the inexpensive price of $11.99 at Michaels.com when you are done using it for your send off, you can use it to display artificial flowers or lit tree branches in your new home.

french bucket

Whatever you decide to buy or borrow to display your 20 inch sparklers, make sure it is at least 12 inches tall. With the sparklers being 20 inches, you want the container to be tall enough that the sparklers are not falling over or out of the container.

When placing your sparklers in the container, always place the metal stick that guests will hold into the container first and the part that you light sticking up. This will ensure that the tips will not get damaged and will still light easily.

Stay tuned for the next post……..signs and sayings for your sparkler send off.


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